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    Manitoba Points Calculator

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    Factor 1: Language Proficiency (IELTS or CLB Levels)

    You get points for how well you can speak English or French, which are Canada's two main languages. Better language skills mean more points.

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    Factor 2: Age

    You get points based on how old you are. Younger people usually get more points because they have more years to work and contribute to the community.

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    Factor 3: Work Experience (in the past five years)

    You get points for how long you've worked, especially if your job is the kind that Manitoba needs. More years of work usually mean more points.

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    Factor 4: Education

    You get points for how much school you've finished. More education, like university degrees, usually means more points.

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    Factor 5: Adaptability

    This is about your connection to Manitoba. If you have family there, have studied or worked there before, or your spouse has skills that are good for Manitoba, you get more points.

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