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Send us a commitment certificate

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Once you’ve found a business you want to invest in or support, you must:

A commitment certificate is valid for 6 months after the date it is issued.

You can send us the commitment certificate either through unsecure or secure email.

To send us unsecure emails and information

  • Complete the consent form that we send you
    • This form confirms your consent and understanding of the risks of sending sensitive information through an unsecure channel  
  • Send the form to the start-up visa mailbox

To send us secure emails and information

  • Use Entrust software to encrypt your messages
    • We’ll send you detailed instructions on how to install this program
  • We’ll continue to communicate with you and your industry association through this encrypted channel

As a designated organization, you can use the Start-up Visa mailbox to ask for forms or get more information on how to send us sensitive information.

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Send us a commitment certificate

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