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Explore "Canada Eligibility Calculators" for immigration pathways like Express Entry, PNP, assessing factors like skills, language, and ties.

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67 Points Calculator

"67 Points Calculator" assesses eligibility for skilled immigration, considering age, education, work experience, language, and adaptability.

Manitoba PNP Calculator

The "Manitoba PNP Calculator" gauges eligibility for Manitoba's Provincial Nominee Program, focusing on skills, experience, language, and ties to Manitoba.

SINP Points Calculator

"SINP Points Calculator" evaluates eligibility for Saskatchewan's immigration, factoring in work, education, language, and connections to the province.

CRS Score Calculator

"CRS Score Calculator" determines eligibility for Canada Express Entry by assessing skills, experience, language, and other factors.

Immigrate to Canada

"Immigrate to Canada" guides on pathways like Express Entry, PNP, with insights on eligibility, application processes, and settlement tips.

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Express Entry

"Express Entry Program" streamlines Canada's immigration for skilled workers via points-based assessments, focusing on skills, experience, language.

Family sponsorship

"Family Sponsorship Visa" enables Canadian residents to sponsor relatives, ensuring family reunification in Canada. Learn eligibility and process.

Provincial Nominees

"PNP Visa" offers a route to Canadian PR through provincial nominations, tailored to meet local labor needs. Discover eligibility and application steps.

Quebec skilled workers

"Quebec Skilled Workers Visa" targets individuals to fill Quebec's labor gaps, emphasizing language and professional skills. Check criteria and apply.

Start up Visa

"Start-Up Visa" empowers entrepreneurs to launch businesses in Canada, offering a path to PR. Criteria include innovation, funding, and support.

Self employed

"Self-Employed Visa" caters to individuals with relevant experience in cultural or athletic fields, offering a pathway to Canadian residency.

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